How To Tell If Your Partner Is Unfaithful


A partner is a person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with mainly for companionship or an intimate relationship. You could either be married to this person or just date.

Cheating is whereby the partner is unfaithful. There are various ways to tell if your partner is cheating. The person becomes very secretive and no longer wants to share what she or he has been up to in their life. They just don’t want you to keep following them up since they know they have been up to no good.

There is a sudden change in their behavior and character. They are no longer this beautiful person you used to know. They show the lack of interest in you and become distant meaning they spend tiny time with you than usual. They come late with lame excuses such as being held up at work while you know very well their work schedule is not that tight.

Flirting with an opposite sex is a form of cheating husband. If your partner suddenly diverts their attention and starts looking at the opposite sex then be aware they are unfaithful.

If you happen to find any protection such as condoms and you don’t use any, then they must be cheating with someone else. If you try to ask them about such an issue of having contraceptives that you don’t you, they become very furious and justifying that mistake while you know the whole truth.

When your spouse certainly changes their security codes such as their email account password, Facebook password of the mobile phone password and they don’t want to let you know the new password, then this should be an alarm to you that something fishy is going. Moreover, when your partner becomes an occasional liar, for instance, they lie about whom they have been speaking to on the phone while you know very well you heard a voice of the opposite sex and they telling you otherwise. If you want to learn more signs to identify if your partner is faithful, you can visit

When they no longer want to be an inmate with you and keep distance such that they don’t want to share the same bed with you. This means they have no interest in you since they are seeing someone else.

When they leave the room to answer the call elsewhere to make sure you don’t get a word that they are saying. If a partner is faithful, then they should not be afraid of picking up calls in your presence. Is my spouse cheating?


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